Idaho Speech, Language, Hearing Association

ISHA is a non-profit professional advocacy organization comprised of audiologists and speech-language pathologists in the state of Idaho


To unite Idaho’s speech, language, and hearing practitioners by providing education and resources so our communities thrive



 To improve the quality of life for those with communication and related disorders

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Collaborate:  Cultivate partnerships to achieve shared goals


Care: Commitment to the quality of life of our members and those they serve


Advocate: Represent and encourage the advancement of the profession at the state and national levels


Learn: Create opportunities that enhance professional growth 


Persist: Continually do what is right despite obstacles


What's New at ISHA?

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President Kimberli Shaner

Welcome to the 2021 edition of ISHA! This is a year most of us have been eagerly anticipating. I am honored to serve during a year of anticipated change and fresh starts. Idaho's speech and hearing professionals provide life changing services to their clients with focus,  compassion, and determination, which became even more apparent during the global pandemic. Thank you for all you do! 


We are fortunate to have a talented team of ISHA volunteers working to improve the landscape of our professions in Idaho! The ISHA executive board, representatives, and committees willingly share their time and expertise on our behalf. This year that will include our ISHA convention in September, monthly chats, podcasts, multi state professional development opportunities, and the interstate compact, to name a few. 


I encourage us all to participate, network, and connect with each other throughout our great state so we can support and lift each other and the wonderful people we are fortunate to serve.


Best wishes to all for a year of growth and positive reflection! 

President Elect /Kris Brock

Kris and the board are dedicated to creating value for ISHA constituents through a variety of novel CE activities, gatherings (both virtual and face to face), and town halls. Additionally, we need to introduce legislation that protects and enahnces SLPs' workloads, clients, and salary schedules. We are also investigating novel ways address the shortage of SLPs in rural areas. To accomplish these initiatives, Kris will rely on his strengths (Analytical, Focus, Discipline, Harmony, and Achiever) to collaborate with SLPs in Idaho, regardless of ISHA affiliation.

ISHA Convention September 9-11, 2021
Boise Centre on the Grove

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