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Nominations and Awards for ISHA 2021 Convention

Each year, ISHA seeks nominations for various clinical, academic, and service achievement awards. The awards will be presented at this year's ISHA convention in Downtown Boise. This year, we have the following awards:

  1. ISHA Honors

  2. ISHA Volunteer of the year

  3. ISHA Exceptional Committee Member or Group

  4. ISHA State Clinical Achievement

  5. ISHA Lifetime Clinical Career Achievement

The State Clinical Achievement and Lifetime Clinical Career awards will also be submitted to the ASHFoundation awards committee for review on a national level. To nominate someone, simply go to the Honors and Awards Committee Nomination Form. Locate the specific award(s) within the form in which you plan to nominate a colleague. Read the directions and follow them for that award carefully. Failure to provide all specified information will result in disqualification. If you have any questions regarding the nominating process, please reach out to the ISHA President-Elect, Kris Brock, at Thank you everyone!

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