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Medicare and NOMS from your StAMP

Update from our Idaho State Advocate for Medicare Policy (StAMP) Network, Ellen Wandland, SLP:

 CMS has proposed fees schedule changes for the coming year by reducing SLP/Audiology reimbursement for budget purposes, allocating these funds to primary care physicians. These reimbursement rate reductions are across rehab/allied health. There was an article in the ASHA Leader regarding these reductions and the proposed solutions. A new NOMS is going live tomorrow. It now incorporates patients 3 years and up in order to be utilized in schools and across all medical settings. Access to previous NOMS with the old system will be available until 12/31/2020 and then it is by request only. The  new system is no longer a 7 point scale and does not require any training. Clinical Fellows may enter information within the new NOMS if their CCC supervisor is willing to take full responsibility for the data entered into the system. It allows for documentation on safety and telehealth, as well as PROMS (patient reported outcome measures) and includes a patient satisfaction survey. Data comparison permits benchmarking an individual facility within an organization and nationally. Attached is a link regarding the new NOMS system.

Further updates will be provided at the upcoming ISHA Virtual Business Meeting on October 27th.  If you have questions prior to that meeting you may email us at  Thank you.

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