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Darcey Shalberg awarded ISU KDHS Preceptor of the Month

Congratulations, and THANK YOU to our May Preceptor of the Month: Darcey Shalberg, MS, CCC-SLP, Boise Unified School District. Darcey was nominated by Amy Hardy, who had this to say about her:

"Darcey has been an off campus preceptor for many years for ISU and she was an ISU graduate herself. Darcey has also done adjunct positions during the fall, spring and then our intensive adult programs in the summer. Darcey is so dedicated to our SLP graduate students, there has never been a semester that goes by where Darcey has not taken a graduate student under her wing. She goes the extra mile and really dedicates her valued supervision by enhancing student learning and equipping them for off campus experiences."

~Submitted by Amy Hardy, MS, CCC-SLP, ISU Clinical Professor and Online Coordinator, Speech Language Pathology.

Thanks for everything you do, Darcey!

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