Speech Paths
2021 Episodes

The use of typical language development milestones for children using AAC


Episode 1 with Dr. Cathy Binger

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Spoken discourse analysis in persons living with aphasia: What, why and how


Episode 2 with Dr. Brielle Stark

Treatment Intensity and Behavior Regulation


Episode 3 with Dr. Mary Beth Schmitt

Retro Microphone

Bilingualism and Aphasia: How Can We Improve AAC Technologies ?


Episode 4 with Dr. Pei-Fang Hung

Conversation in Court

Supreme Court Cases and SLP: What YOU Need to Know

Episode 5 with Dr. Lesley Sylvan and Francine Demarco

Creating and Implementing Inter-Professional Speech and Language Campes

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Episode 6 with Carolyn Perry & Brittany Hall

Professional Microphone with Pop Filter

Service Delivery: What Are the Options?


Episode 7 with Dr. Jayne Brandel

AAC for Persons with Aphasia
Episode drops OCTOBER 2


Episode 8 with Dr. Aimee Dietz

On Air Sign

Everything you wanted to know about a CF: Experiences from four new clinicians
Episode Drops OCTOBER 2

Episode 9 with Recent Grads and CFs

The overlap between speech sound disorders and literacy

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Episode 10 with Dr. Kelly Farquharson

Retro Microphone



Episode 11 with Dr. Ben Munson