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New Speech Paths Episodes this Month

We have three new episodes this month, and they are spooky good...I know, that was a terrible joke; although now that my kids understand jokes, isn't there some law that forces me to tell "dad jokes?"

Anyway, we got Dr. Aime Dietz discussing how AAC intervention is not a last resort for people with aphasia; rather, we need to think of it like a walker/cane that facilitates recovery. Then we have three brand new CCC-SLPs who talked to us about their supervision experiences during the CF year. Not gonna lie, this is one good for everyone; from graduate students to experienced supervisors. Finally, we spoke with Dr. Kelly Farquharson about speech sound disorders, working memory, and literacy. I learned a ton from her and started working with my little reader at home...and it was solid advice.

Hey, are you interested in a specific topic for Speech Paths? Maybe you want to come on the show with your Soapbox issue? Well, I would love to have you!

We are also going to come up with a couple of new episodes that are geared toward Idaho SLPs specifically. So send us your issues that are impacting you and your colleagues, regardless of setting. Emails can be sent to or you can send me a voice recording to that email as well. We would love to hear from you!


President-Elect ISHA

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