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ISHA | Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register a new account?

To register click the link in the top left corner of the website or click the "Log In" button in the main menu to open up that panel, then click the register button. You are then taken to step 1 in the registration process. Select the proper user type from the drop down menu. You'll be taken to the next step in the registration process where you will enter all your user information and agree to the privacy policy. From there your account is created and you are shown your account password. This information is also emailed to you at the email you entered when you registered. Click the continue button and you are automatically logged in and your control panel will load.

How do I change my password and/or user information after I've registered?

To change your password, log into your control panel. In the main left column where it says "User Information" to the right you'll see an edit icon. Click that to open the editor then type in your new password and save. We recommend a password with at least 6-8 characters, something that nobody can guess. You can also change all your user account information in this panel. Make the changes you require and then save.

How do I change my user type after I've registered?

In order to change your user type you will need to contact administration. Only an admin of ISHA can modify user types on accounts. Visit our contact form to request this change.

What are the differences between each type of account?

Each type of account represents a user's involvment and interest. Consumers are standard users. Students are users who are currently studying in one or all of the fields maintained by ISHA. Professionals are those who have already graduated and have thier own place of business. It is important to choose the correct user type when registering. If you have any further questions please use our contact form.

How do I register for conventions?

The link to register, if available, will be in the right column of your control panel along with several other links for your convenience.


Please review our FAQ before submitting your question. Thank you.

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