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Idaho Speech, Language, and Hearing Association proudly presents...

Speech Paths: A Journey to Revitalize Your Practice

Do you ever want the advice of a Communication Sciences and Disorders expert? A professional in your pocket that can answer a question you need to improve your client's speech, language, or communication needs? Well, we are having candid conversations with National Speech-Language Pathology leaders to meet your needs. We want you to practice at the TOP of your license.


I am Dr. Kris Brock, Assistant Professor at Idaho State University and President-Elect of ISHA, and I will be your host on these monthly journeys.

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When and where do new episodes drop?

 One to two episodes will drop per month on Spotify, Google, Amazon, and Stitcher at the end of each month. ISHA also hosts the video and audio episodes on this site. Check out the 2021 episode lineup.


I heard that I can obtain ASHA CEUs. Is that true?


Each interview will provide you with .10 ASHA CEUs or 1 contact hour, and we have 12 interviews lined up for 2021.


And it's free for ISHA Members

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​How do I get ASHA CEUs after listening?

ISHA Members can click on our "Report your CEs" button at the top of the page. From there, you fill out a learning outcomes survey. SIMPLE!

Non-ISHA Members will have to complete the form below, submit payment, and also "Report your CEs" using the button at the top of the page.

Do I fill out an CEU event form for every Speech Paths episode?

Yes, you will need to fill out the form once for every interview podcast that you listen to in 2021. The "Report your CEs" button can be utilized for as many episodes as you listened to or purchased.