Executive Board

The executive board is comprised of the following elected Association Officers:

  • Past-President
  • President
  • President-Elect
  • Director of Audiology
  • Director of Speech-Language Pathology
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

In addition, the NSSLHA ISHA designate shall be a voting member of our executive board.


President: Amy Hardy

President Elect: Darcey Kennedy

Past President: Stephanie Balais

Director of Audiology: Jessica Stich-Hennen

Director of Speech-Language Pathology: Anne Leaf

Secretary: Gabriel Bargen

Treasurer: Karrie Hansen

NSSLHA: Erika Olson & Holly Owens


Budget Committee: The purpose of the Budget Committee is to gather and organize information pertinent to formulation of the yearly budget by the Executive Board.
Current Chairperson: Karrie Hansen


Continuing Education Committee: To promote continued and professional growth on the part of ISHA members, by collecting, documenting and disseminating information relevant to continuing education conducted throughout Idaho. To plan, conduct and evaluate the annual statewide convention.
Current Chairperson: Jennifer Hietala


Ethical Practice Committee: The purpose is to educate the membership about ethical professional behavior by disseminating information about ISHA’s Code of Ethics and ASHA’s Issues in Ethics Statements. To forward ethical practice complaints about ISHA/ASHA members to the Speech and Hearing Services Licensure Board and to ASHA for investigation/disposition. To receive reports of the revocation of any ISHA member’s licensure in any state and/or loss of ASHA membership for unethical conduct, to verify the accuracy of such reports, and to terminate the ISHA membership when verification has been achieved. 
Current Chairperson: Position Vacant


Honors & Awards Committee: To solicit nominations for special Association Honors and Awards as well as national awards.
Current Chairperson: Past President: Stephanie Balais 


IMASH Committee:
Current Chairperson: Anne Kuhlmeier, Co-Chairperson: Amy Hardy 


Legislative Committee: To investigate national, state and local legislation, both current and pending, and make appropriate recommendations concerning their investigation to the Executive Board. To promote political awareness and action on behalf of ISHA and individual members. To comply with ISHA Bylaws which state the Robert’s Rule of Order shall govern ISHA in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not in conflict with the bylaws.
Current Co-Chairpersons: Amy Zuroff – SLP and Erika Blanchard – AuD


Medicare Intermediary & Carrier: To provide ISHA with a contact person who is willing to advocate locally for administrative and public policy decisions that impact Medicare coverage and reimbursement for audiology and speech pathology services.MICS share advocacy skills and help create coverage and reimbursement strategies with the ASHA MICS Network, the ISHA Executive Board, and ISHA members.
Current AuD Chairperson: Jenna Hoffman
Current SLP Chairperson: Position Vacant
Membership Committee: To conduct an annual membership drive. To maintain a current file of all classes of members of ISHA by providing application data to ISHA’s Administrative Assistant. To ensure that the mailing labels issued by the professional service company accurately reflect the current membership.To maintain an up-to-date roster of all persons in the state who are eligible for membership in ISHA. To encourage continued membership in ISHA by sending notifications to members who have been delinquent, encouraging continued support of and membership in ISHA. To identify voting members at the annual Business meeting.
Current Co-Chairpersons: Ashley Pierce and Karrie Pargman


Nominations Committee: To solicit and submit a slate of proposed elected officers for ISHA for each annual convention.
Current Chairperson: Position Vacant


Public Information Network Committee: To promote public awareness of the role of Speech-Language Pathologists and audiologist in the remediation of communicative disorders in a variety of settings. To gather information from Executive Board Officers, Committee Chairs, Regional Representatives and members. To edit this information, supervise the printing and distribution of the official Association Newsletter, The ISHA Exchange on a periodic basis.
Current Co-Chairperson: Susie Jones, Amy Hardy, and Hillary Carlson


Regional Representatives: To provide ISHA with a contact person for surveys, educational and legislative activities.
Current Regional Representatives:
Region 1 (North): Position Vacant
Region 2 (Southwest):
Region 3 (Southeast): Amie Curtis Fisher


State Advocate for Reimbursement (STAR): To provide ISHA with a contact person who is willing to advocate locally for consistent coverage and equitable health care reimbursement with legislators, state insurance commissioners, health plans, unions, and employers on matters related to private health plan reimbursement. STARS share advocacy skills and help create coverage and reimbursement strategies with the ASHA STAR network, THE ISHA executive Board and ISHA members. In Idaho we also have this person working with the Idaho Division of Medicaid Services.
Current Chairperson: Tammy Emerson


State Education Advocacy Leader for Idaho (SEAL): To enhance and perpetuate the advocacy, leadership and clinical management skills of school-based members. To influence administrative and public policy decisions that impact the delivery of Speech-Language Pathology and audiology services in school settings. To express concerns and ideas of school professionals to the Executive Board, ISHA and to the SEALS Network supported by ASHA.
Current Chairperson: Pam Waldorf


University and College Liaison: To exchange professional training needs and information and to promote cooperation between institution of higher learning and ISHA. To promote a closer relationship between ISHA and members working in colleges and universities. To promote student membership in ISHA as well as student participation in ISHA activities.
Current Chairperson: Karrie Cummings Hansen


NSSLHA/ISHA Student Representative: NSSLHA is the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association. The department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Idaho State University houses local chapters in Pocatello and Meridian, ID. This student organization is part of the professional organization (ASHA). The focus of NSSLHA is to promote the profession of speech language pathology and audiology, education, charitable fund raising, and service to the academic unit. The NSSLHA/ISHA student representatives have increased their efforts to participate in on and off campus activities and to communicate with the ISHA board on ways to maintain and improve student involvement in state related activities. 
NSSLHA/ISHA Pocatello Student Representative: Erika Olson
NSSLH/ISHA Meridian Student Representative: Holly Owens


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